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IRIS Blog: See the Potential

IRIS Blog: See the Potential

The Future of Digital Health

Sales Executive, Louis Morrow, recaps his experience at a recent conference around digital health and how IRIS, and our customers, fit into that future.

Digital Health

Team Insights: Grady vs. Diabetes

Former Client Success Director, Mark Nissley, speaks about IRIS client, Grady Health Systems, and their fight against diabetic retinopathy in the Atlanta region.

Customer Success Story

What I'm Thankful For...

In honor of Thanksgiving, our VP of Leadership Development shares what he is thankful for this holiday season.

Ginnetti Family at Disney Magic Kingdom

Ending Preventable Blindness, One Patient at a Time

Hear from our Founder, Dr. Sunil Gupta, on the why behind his vision and the IRIS mission.

Man gesturing with his hands

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Vision?

For most patients, it's a matter of 'when' and not 'if' they will develop diabetic retinopathy.

Healthy Eye vs. Eye with DR

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