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Why Work at IRIS?

It’s not very often that people get to come to work and impact someone’s future. At IRIS, we make a real difference daily. The physicians we empower, the patients we help them protect, and the outcomes they both achieve make our jobs worth it.

IRIS Exists to Improve People’s Lives

It’s not about making money or making a product—it’s truly about changing 
someone’s future.

We improve people’s lives.
We provide them with early detection of a disease they would have had no idea was present. We educate, engage, and empower action to prevent the loss of sight and improve overall health.

We improve provider’s lives.
We seamlessly deliver the solutions they need, at the point of care, so they can make a difference. Our efforts connect with their passion as we empower them to improve the health of their patients.

We improve the lives of our team.
We give you the opportunity to use your talents to make a difference. We celebrate different skills and abilities and encourage team members to use those gifts to make the world a better place.

Careers - Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS)

What Makes IRIS Different?

We have an acute sense of urgency.
Our excitement drives us to push and lead changes that continuously improve our outcomes.

We care more than anyone else.
Our passion drives us to take responsibility for the outcomes we know are possible. We will never overlook an opportunity to improve or to challenge the status quo.

We look after the rights and feelings of others rather than our own.
Our priorities are patient first, mission second, me last.

We make the most of our opportunity.
Our commitment ensures we maximize the current moment knowing that effort is part of a larger legacy we are creating.


To apply to any of our open positions, please click here to view all open opportunities. Otherwise, please click on the individual job postings below to apply directly for that position.

Careers at Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems | IRIS
Client Performance Specialist (Portland)
Client Performance Specialist (San Diego)
Client Performance Specialist (San Francisco)
Client Success Coordinator
Education Specialist (Seattle)
Sales Director (Chicago, IL)
Sales Director (Cleveland, OH)
Sales Director (Philadelphia, PA)
Sales Director (Pittsburgh, PA)
Sales Director (Washington DC)

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