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Preventing blindness through advanced technologies

AI For Health

You Know Your Patients.
We Know How to Help You Save Their Sight.

Who We Are 

A team with a mission; to end preventable blindness.

What We Do

Through an ongoing partnership, our clients are able to prevent blindness through quick and simple retinal imaging. Early detection of sight-threatening disease is crucial to maintaining a patient’s vision. From intake to referral and billing, including ongoing client support and analytics, IRIS is a comprehensive diagnostic solution that helps close care gaps and achieve a 5-star performance.

“The integration between telemedicine and the EHR maximizes the technology's true potential in diagnosing the most vulnerable patient populations, most of who will benefit from early detection and intervention."

− Harris Health Systems

The Technology

IRIS provides a solution that works with a variety of fundus cameras, ranging in price and portability. We integrate with any EMR, allowing for automated patient identification and order creation. Enhanced software is automatically applied to each retinal image giving eye care providers a heightened ability to identify potential disease and severity.


Original version shows a dark retinal image where all present pathology is not able to be seen. Enhanced version shows the same image illuminated to enhance the vasculature and make detecting present pathology easier.


How Does it Work? 

IRIS has a proven and simple 5-step process. To begin, we take retinal images of the patient with a fundus camera during an office visit. From there, we upload retinal images to a cloud-based platform. Artificial intelligence algorithms check for quality and enhances the colors and an eye care physician logs in remotely and diagnoses the images. Finally, diagnosis is returned to the patient’s chart and referred for treatment. 


The Patient Challenge

The numbers speak for themselves. 

  • 29 million Americans have diabetes (1 in 10 Americans)

  • 12 million Americans have some form of diabetic retinopathy (1 in 27 Americans)

  • 161 million Americans are projected to have diabetes if the trends continue (1 in 3 Americans)

  • 65 million Americans are projected to have diabetic retinopathy if trends continue (1 in 5 Americans)

Why IRIS? 

IRIS is an innovative, end-to-end solution for early detection of diabetic retinopathy. Whether you are an organization, executive, doctor or patient, we are here to serve you. Together, we can end preventable blindness. 


IRIS partners with our clients and integrates seamlessly into any EMR, empowering clinicians to impact patient care with easy and accurate retinal scanning that detects vision-threatening eye disease.


IRIS will help empower you to close care gaps and improve HEDIS scores.


IRIS integrates seamlessly into your workflow, allowing you to improve care with accurate testing and quickly receive clinically-valuable diagnostic results.


IRIS brings the diabetic eye exam to you, saving the trouble of another appointment while continuing to monitor your vision for potential disease.


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