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CEO Corner: A Vision for 2019

Chris Belmont, IRIS CEO

CEO Corner: A Vision for 2019

By Chris Belmont


Happy New Year to you and your families! 

There is a saying that is often used on New Year’s Day: “Out with the old and in with the new.”  When it comes to what we are doing at IRIS, I don’t feel that way at all. 


2018 was a tremendous and challenging year for our team at IRIS. As I look at the plans we have for 2019, I’m more confident than ever that we are positioned to achieve our goals and mission on a much larger and broader scale. We saw a wide variety of change in 2018 including: leadership updates, moving into a new building (a hip new office space), many new clients, achieving more than 50,000 IRIS saves, implementing new processes, growing our revenue and building a robust pipeline along with so many other things.  We had some challenges and disruption along the way that we cannot forget, but we have recovered, learned from every experience and are better for it.  


I see 2018 as the year of alignment that positioned IRIS for a strong 2019 and future. Not only did we work on the business aspects like sales forecasting, budgeting, compliance, systems and policies but we are continuously improving in other areas. Client implementations, product development, client success strategies, equipment management and daily service & support are better and will continue to be better to support the growing customer base, not only in number but diversity.


One of the most exciting things for me is what we have done to the core of our business as it relates to our team, all revolving around the IRIS WAY — the way in which we will work together as a team and with our partners to fulfill our mission. Our team at IRIS has created a strong foundation that gives us a running start into 2019. The strength of IRIS is our people. We’ve learned that when our team is aligned, good things happen.


If 2018 was alignment, 2019 is all about execution. We have great momentum in a market that is becoming very crowded. While parts of our business have become commoditized, our approach is what makes us different and sustainable. We are built to drive ‘IRIS Saves’ in all we do. You will see continued improvement, innovation and rapid response to ensure we meet AND exceed our clients’ expectations.


To do this, we will have to always challenge ourselves to operate smarter and more efficiently. We need to interact with our clients in ways that add value for all involved. We need to look for innovative ways to provide our services  Our clients’ desired outcomes are often unique and our efforts must be laser-focused on achieving those results for them.  We must remember that our experience with over 350,000 exams shows that statistically, every 10thpatient with diabetes has some form of pathology that without an exam, would go undiagnosed.  


To do this, we will have to function as a unified force. We have already assembled a team that can do this, we will continue to add new talent that enables us to grow and get better at doing what we do. Together, we will succeed.


I hope you enjoyed your time away and with your family, just as I did.  And wherever you are, and in whatever industry or role, I hope you too are excited about rolling into 2019 and the vast potential that exists in this new year of opportunity.


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