Introducing IRIS University!


By Kacie Bittner

Introducing IRIS University!

In the technology world, product updates are critical both for the stability of the software and for ensuring the best user experience. Earlier this year, IRIS launched a new education platform, irisUniversity (IRIS-U), with the specific goal of improving the user’s training experience.

A New Learning Management System and Revamped Training Content

IRIS utilizes a Learning Management System (LMS) to host virtual training modules prior to live training with clients.  Our new LMS platform, IRIS-U, is unparalleled in the industry and can be seamlessly accessed through the new IRIS Portal. Within IRIS-U, users will find revamped virtual training modules to prepare them for live training.

Client Experience Manager, Morgan Pinder, led the process of creating this new training experience for our clients. “Our previous training content met the needs of the organization at the time it was created. We have matured as a company, and have updated our offerings to mirror that growth,” Morgan stated. The new training content includes a customized curriculum specific to the client’s camera type and workflow, only IRIS provides this level of educational resources. 

The process of re-creating this content began with sourcing a new LMS vendor that allowed for increased functionality and flexibility. We then partnered with a local film studio, SkillQ, that specialized in eLearning and LMS consulting. Morgan and her team solicited the talent of IRIS employees to serve as hosts for various video modules. During the filming process, the decision to brand the eLearning platform was made. “We felt like the timing was right because we were so engrossed in the pieces – conducting a complete overhaul. Applying branding takes it to the next level and that’s when irisUniversity was born,” explained Morgan.

irisUniversity eLearning Features

Within irisUniversity, users will find their customized training curriculum–which now serves as the first part of their training. Creating a curriculum with this level of specificity allows new users to establish a foundation prior to in-person or live virtual training. “Today, when Education Specialists conduct live training, they do a quick knowledge check on core components of the program but are able to spend the majority of time focused on training with the actual fundus camera,” Morgan continued.

 An additional benefit of partnering with IRIS is ongoing access to training materials. Users can access their online training content at any point after their IRIS Go Live.  Individual training videos can also be sent to users at any time for retraining or to refresh their knowledge on specific topics or features. To have the new IRIS-U curriculum assigned to your team, contact your designated Client Success representative or the IRIS Help Desk.

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