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What I'm Thankful For...

Ginnetti Family at Disney Magic Kingdom

What I'm Thankful For...

“I am thankful for...”

By Scott Ginnetti, VP of HR and Leadership Development

I am so thankful for my family.  I would do anything in the world for them!  When I watch National Lampoons Christmas vacation I can totally empathize with Clark Griswold—he works so hard to make Christmas the best ever for his family, despite the setbacks that he encounters every step of the way.  

Our family just went on vacation with two other families to Disney’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom, followed by a three-night Disney Cruise.  My wife and I, and the other moms and dads, worked so hard to make sure that our vacation was an amazing experience for the children. As Clark said at the end of Christmas Vacation, “I [we] did it!”; our children had an awesome time and we loved watching them smile and enjoy “the magic” of each and every experience.

As I reflect back on our vacation, that went by way too fast, I think about our IRIS family.  I am so very thankful for our IRIS team and would do anything in the world for them as well!  On Thanksgiving, when our family is seated together and indulging in our traditional feast, we spend time sharing what we are thankful for and why. I have been at IRIS for 10 months and there are already so many things to be thankful for that I want to implement my family tradition into practice at IRIS as well:I am thankful for our mission – to End Preventable Blindness:  this is empowering because we see it in action every day and it is real.  

In support of National Diabetes Awareness Month, members of our team and our partner Community Health, set up a tent in downtown Pensacola last Friday (Nov. 16th) to share the importance of annual retinal exams for people with diabetes.  During that event our team examined someone who has severe pathology and is need of immediate care. They are now pursuing treatment that will likely help prevent blindness.  This is one of hundreds of stories. What if we hadn’t been at that event?  That person would have most likely gone blind. This is what drives our team—it’s what drives me to help us grow, to serve our partners, clients, and team members to the best of my ability.

  • I am thankful for our amazing team/family at IRIS:  I have never seen a team of individuals so committed to doing whatever it takes to serve clients and others.  They sacrifice their time, and for some that means being on the road weeks on end to serve our clients.  They also are willing to go to places all over the country to participate in trade shows and screening events from San Diego, to Atlanta, to Chicago. They work long hours when needed, trying to exceed the expectations of our clients and their team members simply because they care.  We are a small team, but growing, and I am honored to call everyone at IRIS my family.  My role and purpose is to serve them, to help them, and I love doing so because they are my family and I deeply care about all of them!
  • I am thankful for the labor of love we call “work” at IRIS:  It’s often hard to find an organization where you impact people’s lives in a positive and significant way.  I am thankful for the opportunity to serve alongside my IRIS family and engage in the ‘every day’ we call work, but in reality is truly a blessing.  Being able to wake up and go to bed is easier because we know that the work we do at IRIS is significantly impacting people’s lives – that in and of itself is a privilege.  In just the past few months, we exceeded over 350k patient exams and over 50,000 IRIS saves, meaning our technology and partners helped prevent 50k people from going blind.  I am thankful to have my vision, but I am equally thankful that we have helped over 50,000 people literally see another Thanksgiving!
  • I am thankful for the culture we are building at IRIS: We are a young company, five years and still growing, and I love that our entire team is fully engaged in building the culture we want and need to be able to accomplish our mission.  As we grow, we are and will experience growing pains, but our team stays positive by sharing feedback, giving of their time to communicate and implement ideas to improve the ways we take care of each other and our clients/partners.  That’s what it takes — listening to feedback, identifying what is needed, focusing on ways to improve, and then using our collective talent (and new talent along the way) to continue to innovate the way we build this amazing company.  That is what drew me to IRIS and that is what is continuing to motivate me to serve our team!  


I am honored to be able to call my IRIS team members family. I love that that I get to wake up and find ways to help them smile and serve each other and clients/partners.  I am thankful that I get to help create a unique experience (there is so much we can learn from Disney and others!) for those who work at IRIS. While there is plenty of work to be done, I look forward to the day where we can all look back and say, just like Clark Griswold, “I [we] did it.”; we have eliminated preventable blindness AND we created the best place in the world to work, with the most amazing team/family!

From our Team IRIS Family to yours, we wish you all a very blessed and joyous Thanksgiving.  May it be a time where you get to pause and reflect for on the many blessings we get to enjoy year after year!

IRIS Team Photo July 2018