Why IRIS? Client Success

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Client success is an important part of IRIS’s mission. We want our clients to adopt the IRIS solution and see clear results.

What is IRIS Client Success (CS)?

At IRIS, our account management department is the “Client Success Team.”  Every client’s success is critical because each successful client brings us closer to accomplishing our mission of ending preventable blindness. This is why IRIS has an established Client Success (CS) team in place.

With our CS team, every client receives support from day one. The most important functions of the CS representative are:

1) To proactively assist the client with establishing and maintaining a successful DRE program.

2) To establish a long-term relationship with the client during and after the implementation of the program.

Proactive Guidance

CS representatives are involved with every step of a DRE program—including the planning stage before go-live.

During this time, some of the most critical technical and operational decisions are made. The CS team ensures their clients start strong by guiding the planning stage.

For example, we ask our clients how they will define the success of their program. How a client measures success is often driven by the organization’s overall goals. It is the CS’s job to understand their client’s goals and help to achieve them.

Additional IRIS Client Success Functions

Image Gradability Support

Maintaining a high image gradability rate is important because that means we can quickly deliver an accurate diagnosis. If a client is struggling with gradability, CS will provide feedback for improvement. Additionally, they may recommend applicable irisU training videos as a quick refresher on best practices.

Program Expansion and Renewal

Many of our clients expand their DRE programs after finding success in initial locations. Our CS team leads expansion, renewal, and warranty conversations to ensure clients have the most beneficial program for their organization.


The IRIS Client Success function has proven to yield irrefutable positive outcomes for our clients’ DRE programs time and time again; just ask our CEO, Steve Martin:

“Others in the DRE market may prefer to focus on selling cameras—viewing their effort as done after the sale is made—but our work with clients goes much deeper. Our Client Success team invests a substantial amount of time in providing ongoing support to help our clients optimize workflows while minimizing disruption in often busy, chaotic primary care practices. The Client Success Team’s mission is to ensure our clients’ design and implement successful and sustainable DRE programs that stand the test of time versus just placing cameras in clinics.”


Doug Lurton, Client Success Specialist

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