Diabetes Is the Leading Cause of Blindness in Adults

With IRIS, it’s 95% preventable.


Patients with diabetes
in the U.S.


U.S.-based diabetics with retinal disorders


Patients are about
to go blind


Patients receive an annual exam for diabetic retinopathy


Our goal is to help you succeed in saving sight.

Diabetic retinopathy often doesn’t show any symptoms in the early stages, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t present. Our goal is to bring healthcare to the patient by bringing a better solution to you, to prevent the disease from progressing by diagnosing sooner. Not only does this help your organization achieve 5-star HEDIS compliance, but it also helps you save more eyesight.

drs retinal tests
retinal tests

Affordable & Convenient

We make it easy to start screening patients.

Providing eye care might be new for you, but it’s old-hat for us. That’s why we prioritize giving you the best information and workflow for your process. IRIS’s value is in providing industry-leading technology, more support, and first-class experts so you get clearer, sight-saving images to make changes in your patient’s life.

We are trusted by America’s leading institutions.

Plug-and-Play Approach

IRIS is designed to go live in as little as 90 days.

We’ve got the process down to a science, including getting your team the equipment, staff training, and hardware implementation they need to get started. With our certified IRIS Reading Center (IRC) already taken care of, we can prioritize going live so you can begin saving your patients from preventable blindness as soon as possible.

retinal tests

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