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Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems, or IRIS, is a cloud-based system that provides healthcare practitioners the patient images they need to diagnose sight-threatening retinal pathologies and save patients from preventable blindness. By increasing access, improving the quality of images, and reducing the overall cost of care, we improve outcomes for both patients and healthcare systems. To learn more about IRIS and how it can help, get in touch with us today.

IRIS is a camera—plus so much more. In addition to making a camera recommendation based on your need, we provide image enhancement, a remote team of licensed eye care providers, end-to-end turn implementation of our solution, and quick turn times that allow you to improve your patient care faster. Learn more about our total solution, and how it works together, here.

After we customize your IRIS integration to your existing workflow, we build a plan to train your staff either in person or online. With our on-site training, we spend a few days educating your team on the IRIS process, answer any questions about the technology, and make process tweaks as necessary to ensure you have the easiest process moving forward. If you want to know how a solution can be customized for your workflow, reach out to our expert team to learn more today.

IRIS was designed to complement any existing workflow, and we take a custom approach to each process we work with. Our goal is not to disrupt your current process, but to supplement it with an easy-to-use, simple technology that helps you improve patient outcomes and increase your quality compliance measures. Want to have a conversation around how IRIS can work with your workflow? Get in touch with our team today to schedule a free demo.

IRIS is designed to go live in as little as 90 days. This includes building your integration, training your staff, finalizing hardware implementation, and providing the resources you’ll need to get started and stay successful. To get started, schedule a free demo with the IRIS team today.