Detecting Preventable Blindness With 95% Accuracy

IRIS empowers organizations of all sizes to drive diabetic retinal testing and help those with high-risk conditions save their eyesight.


Images reviewed by the IRIS interpreting providers to date


IRIS saves since the first IRIS retinal exam


Organizations where IRIS is implemented for retinal exams

2-3 hrs

Our best turn time for delivering remote image diagnosis

The Iris Approach

We make it easy to operationalize diabetic retinopathy exams.

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Access To Quality Testing

We are dedicated to giving patients consistent access to quality testing by bringing IRIS’s end-to-end solution directly to general care providers.

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Supporting the providers

Our superior technology is best in class and allows for the identification of vascular disease and other pathology with an average gradeability rate of 95%.

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Making accurate diagnoses

Our superior technology is the best in its class, with an average 95% gradeability rating that identifies vasculature and pathology.

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Ensuring better treatment for all

Our studies show 1 in 10 diabetic patients who receive a test will have sight-threatening pathology. With early detection, we reduce the risk of sight loss by 90%.

Our Impact

Better access means more eyesight saved.

With IRIS, everyone benefits from a high gradability rate that allows patients to get life-saving treatment as quickly as possible. With extensive onsite or virtual training for all staff in non-eyecare settings, we ensure the best imaging is mastered to identify pathology and improve gradability.

Preventable Blindness Exam


States where we support remote retinal exams


Physicians reviewing exams on the IRC team


Readability average in IRIS images


Increase in patient care testing for care providers

Reach more of your at-risk patients with IRIS.

Provide outstanding care to all of the diabetic population by scheduling a demo to try IRIS today.

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