New Retinal Imaging Program Helps Diabetes Patients


CoxHealth of Missouri has just made protecting the eyesight of their patients with diabetes a lot easier. By partnering with Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS), they can now offer diabetic retinal exams in 15 of its clinics throughout the Ozarks. Their patients living in rural areas previously had to travel to Springfield for these exams.

The diabetic retinal exam starts with a machine that takes a photo of the back of the patient’s eye, in an innovative way that is easy, quick and non-invasive. The data is then sent to an ophthalmologist via telemedicine, who analyzes the detailed image to look for any damage caused by diabetes.

“In the first three weeks we saw about 600 extra exams. With that we found 82 diabetics that had eye disease that they didn’t know about. We found 100 other patients that had some eye pathology that wasn’t related to the diabetes such as cataract that this can also find,” said Dr. Mark Costley, medical director for regional services.

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