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HealthFair Mobile Health Units Transition to IRIS Handheld Retinal Screening Devices

HealthFair Mobile Health Units Transition to IRIS Handheld Retinal Screening Devices

HealthFair Mobile Health Units Transition to IRIS Handheld Retinal Screening Devices

Meets growing demand for diabetic retinal exams and solves key operational challenges

PENSACOLA, Fla., Sept. 22, 2016 – Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS), recently signed an exclusive agreement with HealthFair, a leading health and wellness company, to provide its diabetic retinal exam (DRE) solution on HealthFair mobile health units across the U.S.

HealthFair is utilizing IRIS’ FDA-cleared, cloud-based service to improve quality and access and reduce costs for DREs. Every patient with diabetes is directed to complete an annual DRE, yet only 40 percent of patients with diabetes have a documented eye exam, leaving a huge gap in compliance. The DRE is commonly identified as the most challenging measure for organizations to meet and most demanding among their clients. 

“From a population health perspective, we feel it is absolutely critical to include DREs among the broad spectrum of services we offer, and as such, felt the IRIS solution offered several unique benefits,” said Doug Fellers, chief operating officer, HealthFair. “In addition to being the only Class II FDA-cleared solution for DREs and a partner with Wilmer Eye Institute, IRIS brings a comprehensive approach to handling many key technical and operational details of performing DREs to ensure the program’s success.

“Given the mobile nature of our business, square footage and real estate comes at a premium,” he added. “The handheld option provides HealthFair flexibility and efficiency in our mobile units while not sacrificing the high-quality standards we provide to our clients.” 

Fellers noted that, in addition to installing the equipment, training HealthFair staff, and providing on-going analytics and account management, the IRIS DRE program will help HealthFair clients further improve Medicare STAR ratings and more accurately capture risk levels for their diabetic patients with ophthalmic disease.

Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the U.S. and early detection can reduce the risk of severe vision loss by 90 percent and significantly reduce long-term healthcare costs. 

At current rates, one in three Americans will have the disease by 2050. The standard approach to DREs focuses on referring diabetic patients to an eye specialist, but this still leaves 60 percent of diabetics (approximately 18 million people) unexamined each year. New technology and workflows now available in the primary care setting can drive exam compliance rates to over 90 percent. 

“We are extremely pleased to collaborate with HealthFair to close the gap that currently exists with diabetic patients completing annual diabetic retinal exams,” said Patrick Cresson, vice president, Sales & Marketing, IRIS. “HealthFair is a well-established company with a strong reputation in the healthcare community for collaborating with payers and health systems to minimize patient health issues.  By combining our technology with the convenience of HealthFair’s mobile health units, we will work toward ending preventable blindness nationwide, together.”

About HealthFair

HealthFair is a national health and wellness company that empowers individuals with affordable access to preventive healthcare. The Company’s broad range of preventive tests allows clients to proactively take control of their healthcare through the early detection and management of risk factors that can lead to longer and healthier lives. The Company’s goal is to save and extend lives, reduce costs and improve national healthcare by testing one million participants per year by 2020. For more information, visit

About Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems

Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS) is a Pensacola, Florida-based company founded by nationally recognized retina surgeon Dr. Sunil Gupta, with a vision to end preventable blindness through the development and deployment of retinal screening services in the primary care setting.  The company’s IRIS solution is an FDA-cleared, cloud-based service that has improved quality, expanded access, and reduced costs for diabetic retinal exams across the U.S. IRIS is the comprehensive intake to reimbursement solution that optimizes workflow, images, and outcomes. IRIS is the recipient of the 2016 New Product Innovation Award in Diabetic Retinopathy in North America by Frost & Sullivan. For additional information, visit