IRIS Reaches 1 Million Lives

1 Million Saves of Diabetic Retinopathy

Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS), a leader in retinal screening technology, announced a significant milestone today with the achievement of one million diabetic retinal exams performed. This is a monumental accomplishment for IRIS, as it marks a substantial impact on the company’s mission to end preventable blindness.

The first diabetic exam performed in partnership with IRIS was conducted in June 2013. Since then, IRIS has seen significant growth year over year in exam volume, culminating in one million exams in January 2023.

“From celebrating 100,000 exams in July 2016 to 1,000,000 exams in January 2023, IRIS has proven the value of creating access to the diabetic retinal exam,” said Steve Martin, CEO of IRIS. “One million patients who previously would have gone without a screening now have access to an annual exam at one of our 600+ client locations, including IRIS’ first client location, which remains active today.”

IRIS realized this noteworthy milestone with the support and assistance of their clients and partners who perform diabetic retinal exams in a variety of settings, including primary care facilities, patient homes, labs and retail settings.

Within the one million exams performed, there were 130,000 exams categorized as an “IRIS Save,” indicating the patient had pathology identified that was sight-threatening.

“While the one-millionth exam is something to be celebrated, the real impact is the 130,000 patients who unknowingly had a sight-threatening disease that, if left untreated, would risk their long-term sight,” Martin said. “The mission of ending preventable blindness is what drives the IRIS team to push towards new milestones, such as 5 million patients screened, and 10 million, and onward.”



Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems’ (IRIS) mission is to end preventable blindness. Their end-to-end comprehensive diagnostic solution enables the provision of retinal imaging services in a variety of settings to persons at risk for developing sight-threatening diseases. The IRIS software is an FDA Class II cleared cloud-based platform which offers clients the unique ability to customize their program from hardware to workflow, ultimately improving quality, increasing access, and reducing costs, most importantly helping to end vision loss due to diabetic retinopathy. For more information, visit

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