A teleretinal screening solution designed for the future.

IRIS provides simple retinal imaging exams to reach more of the at-risk diabetic population, so we go where the patients go: Right to you.

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One solution for examining, diagnosing, and providing a customized care plan.

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    First, we help you select the best retinal camera for your practice. Prompted by orders from your EHR, you perform the retinal imaging exams..

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    We integrate the retinal camera to IRIS so images flow securely and automatically for interpretation.

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    Our proprietary image enhancement technology is automatically applied to all fundus images.

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    An IRIS Reading Center (IRC) physician reads both the original and the enhanced retinal images to rapidly diagnose sight-threatening disease.

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    We deliver the images and the diagnoses directly back into your EHR, allowing for easy patient referral to the appropriate specialist.

How It Works

IRIS retinal imaging exams help save the vision of patients with diabetic eye pathologies with a simple, integrated technology solution.


We work with the best-trained physicians in the country.

  • The IRIS Reading Center (IRC) providers commit to delivering quick and timely results.
  • IRIS grading platform allows IRC providers to note other suspected vision-threatening diseases, including glaucoma and cataracts.
  • With IRIS, care providers can identify new patients with urgent needs and refer them to specialists for care, increasing practice efficiency.
  • The IRIS solution provides virtual access and allows remote, specialized care for patients and members regardless of location.

Our group of board-certified interpreting providers serve and operate in all fifty states, closing the care and cost gap with the capacity to do 1 million interpretations every year.

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Proprietary Software for Effective Teleretinal Screening.

We provide you with an easy way to perform retinal imaging exams with a bi-directional EHR interface. This allows interpreting providers to seamlessly access the images and data needed to diagnose sight-threatening pathologies and provide a customized care plan without adding complexity to your workflow.

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Improve access and manage population health with:

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Our retinal image enhancement, along with our other tools, keeps ungradable images at an average of only 2-4%.

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Reading Center

The IRIS Reading Center (IRC) is Composed of over 120 industry-leading, board-certified eye care providers. This telemedicine group serves all 50 states and has reviewed hundreds of thousands of exams.

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End-to-end implementation

IRIS technology is set up very quickly, integrating straight into your existing system with the help of our team. Once running, our intuitive interface means little to no learning curve for your team.

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Turn Times

Our IRC providers review original retinal camera images and IRIS-enhanced patient images and diagnose rapidly and remotely.

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We’re so Much More than Just a Camera.

Our clients’ long-term success is our priority. We make sure patients get the best service by providing ongoing education, data analytics, and consistent client support. IRIS is here to manage everything, from solution setup to workflow implementation, to ongoing assistance.

Get support to increase diabetic retinal exam compliance and improve quality scores with:

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We install your software and train your staff in-person or virtually, integrate to your platforms, and ensure you have the easiest eye exam process moving forward.

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& Analytics

We provide customized, real-time reporting and analytics to show how you’re successfully meeting your long-term goals.

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90-Day Implementation

Our software solution is designed to go live in as little as three months, including the technical staff, resources, and hardware implementation.

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Customer Service

We prioritize your concerns and are always available to help. Have questions? We’re only an email or call away.

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Experience the smartest, most efficient way to administer sight-saving retinal exams with IRIS.

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