Transforming retinal screenings with superior technology, process, and people.


Our Mission

To end all instances of preventable blindness.

IRIS was founded by a retina specialist who saw a problem not just in his practice, but in the world and knew he wanted to fix it. What grew out of that mission is what you have today: A company committed not to making money by selling devices but to ending all instances of preventable blindness in the U.S. with life-saving technology.

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WE work collaborativelY

We are committed to learning together and teaching one another as we do our work, both inside and outside our organization.

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We prioritize Accountability

We hold ourselves and our partners accountable to achieving successful results, with both our words and actions.

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We Understand Urgency

We always remember and embrace the work we do and know that the way we respond and serve impacts people’s lives.

Watch & learn

A deep dive into our thought leadership.

IRIS & Prisma Health Webinar: How to Tackle Diabetic Eye Exams

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The Why & The How to Implementing a Telemedicine Program for the Diabetic Retinal Exam in Primary Care

How Diagnostic Telemedicine Helped a Primary Care Practice Increase DRE Compliance

meet the team

Purpose-Driven Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

Ron Gross, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Annette Ramsey

VP of Finance

Matt Tuck

VP of Client Success

Felicia Wynne

VP of Operations

Louis Morrow

VP of Sales

Greg Thurau

VP of Solution Management

Lewis Tatham

Director of Software
Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Maureen Huber

President of Workforce Technical Solutions, AMN Healthcare
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Matt Rice

Partner, Ballast Point Ventures

Jamo Rubin, M.D.

Strategic Advisor at Signify Health

Jeff Stolte

Partner, Providence Ventures

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Join a team that’s making retinal testing easier for everyone.

When you join IRIS, you join a committed, unique team of individuals who are mission-focused, put quality first, and always driven to improve.


We work with the best-trained physicians in the country.

  • The IRIS Reading Center (IRC) providers commit to delivering quick and timely results.
  • IRIS grading platform allows IRC providers to note other suspected vision-threatening diseases, including glaucoma and cataracts.
  • With IRIS, care providers can identify new patients with urgent needs and refer them to specialists for care, increasing practice efficiency.
  • The IRIS solution provides virtual access and allows remote, specialized care for patients and members regardless of location.
  • We understand everyone may not need to leverage the IRC. We can also incorporate our customer’s eye care resources to customize the experience.

Our group of board-certified interpreting providers serve and operate in all fifty states, closing the care and cost gap with the capacity to do 1 million interpretations every year.

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