IRIS Is Transforming Retinal Screenings With Superior Technology, Process, and People

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Our mission is to end all instances of preventable blindness.

IRIS was founded by a retina specialist who noticed diabetic patients coming to him and seeking treatment when it was already too late to save their vision. The solution to that problem is what IRIS is today: A company committed to ending preventable blindness in the U.S. with brilliant, cloud-based technology.

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We work collaboratively

We are committed to learning and teaching, both inside and outside our organization, as we do our work. 

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We prioritize Accountability

We hold ourselves and our partners accountable to achieving successful results, with both our words and our actions.

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We Understand Urgency

We always remember and embrace the work we do, and know that the way we respond and serve impacts people's lives.

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A Deep Dive Into Our Thought Leadership

meet the IRIS team

Purpose-driven leadership passionate about ending preventable blindness.

Chief Executive Officer

Ron Gross, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Annette Ramsey

VP of Finance

Felicia Wynne

VP of Operations

Louis Morrow

VP of Sales

Greg Thurau

VP of Solutions Management

Lewis Tatham

VP of Software Development
Morgan Pinder Client Experience

Morgan Pinder

Director of Client Success
Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Maureen Huber

President of Workforce Technical Solutions, AMN Healthcare
Rice, Matt HiRes copy

Matt Rice

Partner, Ballast Point Ventures

Jamo Rubin, M.D.

Strategic Advisor at Signify Health

Jeff Stolte

Partner, Providence Ventures
Allan Alderman Ph.D. Lead Software Engineer_Security Officer

Allan Alderman Ph.D.

Lead Software Engineer / Security Officer
Philip Barrett Sales Operations

Philip Barrett

Sales Operations
Dana Cloutet Integration Engineer

Dana Cloutet

Integration Engineer
Jocelyn Desbiens Data Scientist

Jocelyn Desbiens

Data Scientist
Adam Diaz Integration Engineer

Adam Diaz

Integration Engineer
Linda Dorrel Sales Director

Linda Dorrel

Sales Director
Kathy Finch 3 July 202136 copy

Kathy Finch

Client Success Director
Tom Foster Sales Director

Tom Foster

Sales Director
Corey Gerdeman Education Specialist

Corey Gerdeman

Education Specialist
Natalie Gandy Accounting Specialist

Natalie Gandy

Staff Accountant
Bryce Hewett UX Designer

Bryce Hewett

UX Designer
Justin Holcomb Customer Support Manager

Justin Holcomb

Customer Support Manager
Amanda Hindsman Project Manager

Amanda Hindsman

Director of Project Management Office
Parker Hudson Level 2 Support

Parker Hudson

Junior Developer
Casey Jones Client Success Manager

Casey Jones

Client Success Manager
Caitlin Kristof Client Success Manager

Caitlin Kristof

Client Success Manager
Everett Lucas Software Developer

Everett Lucas

Software Developer
Lori Moore Project Support Specialist

Lori Moore

Project Support Specialist
Lauren Palmer Education Specialist

Lauren Palmer

Education Specialist
Michael Parks Sales Director

Michael Parks

Sales Director
Jason Poynter Integreation Engineer

Jason Poynter

Integration Engineer
Patrick Riley Sales Director

Patrick Riley

Sales Director
Rebecca Sandberg Education Specialist

Rebecca Sandberg

Client Success Manager
Michie Tran

Michie Tran

Project Specialist
Aidan Sloman Level 1 Support

Aidan Sloman

Customer Support Level 2
Charlotte Yarbrough Director, IRIS Reading Center

Charlotte Yarbrough

Director, IRIS Reading Center

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See yourself at IRIS.

When you join the team at IRIS, you join a committed, unique team of individuals who are mission-focused, quality-first, and always driven to improve. Help make retinal screenings easier and more accessible today.

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