Retinal Exam ROI Calculator

Use this retinal exam ROI calculator to see how closing patient care gaps with IRIS can lead to improved clinical and financial ROI.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

ROI Calculator

diabetic eye screening

How the IRIS Retinal Exam ROI Calculator Works

Our retinal exam calculator generates a clinical and financial ROI from your input. Based on the potential reimbursement for retinal exams, it makes conservative assumptions for many criteria in order to generate an instant ROI. 

For a deeper analysis tailored to your organization and additional ways to increase your return, contact us or schedule a demo.

How We Calculate Financial Return on Eye Exams

By answering these questions, we can help you tailor a diabetic eye exam financial analysis for your organization.

What is your estimated population of diabetics without an annual exam?

What is the payor mix of your population of diabetics?

Does your organization take risk for ophthalmic care?

Can you benefit from risk-adjusted payments from your payors?

Will your organization receive financial incentives if you increase your quality rating?

Do you have an EMR or other system that you want to integrate with IRIS?

Does your business require a portable retinal fundus camera?

Get a Detailed Retinal Exam ROI Analysis

Schedule a demo to see how IRIS’s teleretinal screening software can improve patient outcomes and your clinical and financial ROI.

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