Eliminating Blindness, One Retinal Screening at a Time

IRIS retinal screening software makes it easy for healthcare providers to close care gaps and reduce healthcare costs.


The IRIS Solution

Any healthcare organization can perform a retinal screening with IRIS.

Our technology is the key to easily providing retinal screenings to diabetic patients.

Preventable blindness is just that: preventable. IRIS was created to solve the biggest problem with eliminating preventable blindness: at-risk patients’ lack of access to a quality retinal screening. Our cloud-based, camera-agnostic tool helps capture, enhance, and diagnose diabetic retinopathy in a way that makes it easier for health risk assessment companies, payors, and healthcare providers to close care gaps and reduce healthcare costs.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening


Compatible, easy-to-use software that integrates with your workflow.

Our web-based software application securely stores and manages your patient information to make it easy for our board-certified eye specialists to access, interpret, and diagnose retinal pathologies. The best part? Our digital retinal imaging technology is compatible with existing EMRs, allowing us to get you up and running quickly.


Consistent communication to ensure your long-term success.

We’ll start by understanding your workflow, camera needs, billing requirements, and referral process. Then, we’ll then tailor the IRIS solution to fit your organization by recommending a camera, installing the software, and training your existing team to use our digital retinal screening technology.

IRIS Retinal Screening

Get started

See how easy it is to close care gaps with IRIS.

We go wherever your diabetic patients are.


Hospitals & Health Systems


Federally Qualified HeaLth Centers

Health Plans



Labs &

Health Asess

Health Risk Assessment

Saving eyesight has to be a priority.
IRIS makes it easy.

Healthcare is changing.
Our solution is designed for where it’s going.

IRIS is designed to be where the patients are—doctor’s offices, retail settings, health risk assessment companies, and more—with a one-stop, camera-agnostic solution that makes necessary preventative screenings available to everyone. Get more information about IRIS today.

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