3 Steps to Successfully Build Client Relationships | IRIS


By Scott Grissett

At IRIS, we pride ourselves for staying with our clients even past the transaction to take advantage of our programming, so we created the Client Success team to helm our client relations. The Client Success team works alongside our clients to help them maximize the utilization of their IRIS program.  I see myself as a client advocate, both inside and outside of IRIS and it is my responsibility to ensure my clients are positioned for success. Here’s the three steps me and every Client Success team member follows to build client relationships.

 1. Define Success

At IRIS, Client Success partnerships begin right after the contract is signed. Each and every one of our new clients answers the same question; “What does success look like for your organization?” Once I have that answer, it’s my job to help them craft operational workflows and protocols, enforce stakeholder accountability and keep up-to-speed on their systems integration status. Being a resource throughout the implementation process is a foundational piece to building a successful client relationship. 

 2. Keep Support Ongoing and Client-Specific 

Once the client’s program is live, their Client Success team member becomes fully responsible for their ongoing support and for helping them realize their unique program goals. In my experience, two impactful opportunities to coach my clients are on the topics of image gradeability and number of exams captured.  For example, I have been able to provide coaching and technique improvement tips to camera operators based on patterns I can see in the images they’ve uploaded to the dashboard. I also check my clients’ program metrics on a regular schedule and compare their exam volume to the goals they have set for themselves. Access to program metrics also allows me to gauge when my clients may require some help from our team to keep their program operating to its fullest potential.

Understanding and conveying areas of opportunity to my clients is one of the best ways to develop trust and prove my dedication to helping them achieve their goals. 

3. Recognize the Client’s Own Culture

Understanding the unique and dynamic culture that exist within a client’s organization is vital for a Client Success team member.  This understanding is gained via partnership reviews.  These reviews can take place via informal cadence calls, onsite visits, or traditionally – structured IRIS platform utilization reviews.  Whether informal or formal, a Client Success team member is always listening to understand the evolving needs of the client and providing solutions to meet those needs. 

 Throughout it all, a Client Success team member strives to be a great fit for their client. Building a successful client partnership happens by identifying, celebrating and implementing best practices. The unique and dynamic culture within healthcare organizations demands that a Client Success team member be nimble and able to help the client place the IRIS program within its own organization.

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