HealPros Announces Agreement with IRIS to Optimize In-Home Retinal Screening for People with Chronic Illness


ATLANTA, Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — IRIS – Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems, a leader in retinal screening technology, has partnered with HealPros, a technology-enabled healthcare service that works with some of the largest health plans in the nation to change the lives of people with chronic illness. This partnership will yield significant results for health plans and their members with diabetes by helping them prevent or quickly diagnose diabetic retinopathy.

Each year, millions of Americans do not access the care they need due to transportation issues, lack of education, cultural differences, and proximity to/affordability of care. HealPros will utilize IRIS program and workflow expertise to enhance their in-home diabetic retinopathy screening. This partnership ensures HealPros’ clients will reap the benefits of The IRIS Reading Center’s highest gradeability in the industry which is critical in the in-home market.

“We are excited to embark on this relationship with IRIS and begin using the IRIS Platform to take our in-home DRE capabilities to the next level,” saidMichael Harris, Chief Operating Officer of HealPros. “The partnership with IRIS allows us to assess better images of members’ retinas so we can continue to care for and intervene on behalf of chronic disease populations nationwide.”

“IRIS empowers organizations of all sizes to drive diabetic retinal screenings and help those with high-risk conditions save their eyesight,” saidSteve Martin, Chief Executive Officer of IRIS. “HealPros works with the nation’s most prominent health plans across the country to ensure people access the care they need, and we see tremendous potential to improve thousands of lives via this collaboration.”

About IRIS

Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems’ (IRIS) mission is to end preventable blindness. Their end–to–end comprehensive diagnostic solution enables the provision of retinal imaging services in a variety of settings to persons at risk for developing sight-threatening diseases. The IRIS Program is an FDA Class II cleared cloud-based platform which offers clients the unique ability to customize their program from hardware to workflow, ultimately improving quality, increasing access, and reducing costs, but most importantly helping to end vision loss due to diabetic retinopathy. For more information, visit www.retinalscreenings.com.

About HealPros

HealPros specializes in engaging and collaborating with at-risk populations in their homes. HealPros’ team of Care Access Pros can be deployed rapidly anywhere in the U.S. to care for people with chronic illness. Once the underlying challenges people face are identified, HealPros provides education and helps them access the care they need, then monitors and reports progress to their various caretakers. From Pharmacy assistance, Health Risk Assessments, and Diabetes and Hypertension Management programs to resolving food insecurity and other Health Equity issues, HealPros’ in-home, face-to-face interactions provide an experience people don’t get anywhere else. HealPros is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit the HealPros website at www.healpros.com.

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