Navigating the 2021 MGMA Conference: A Complete Guide

mgma conference

Ever wonder what a medical Disney World would look like? Sign up to attend this year’s MGMA conference and find out!

The Medical Group Management Association, or MGMA, prides themselves on perpetuating success throughout the healthcare industry and medical field by disseminating resources, technological innovations, and creating networking opportunities for leaders in the field. One of the main methods they accomplish such an enormous feat is through organizing their annual MGMA Conference.  

So What is The Medical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference?

Good question! The Medical Practice Excellence (MPE) Leaders Conference is an event attended by the best and brightest current and future leaders in the medical field. It is a hub of innovation and inspiration, a meeting of the minds both upcoming and aged, all thanks to MGMA 2021.

Haven’t signed up yet?  Only want to attend one day out of the three? The registration booth is open all day, every day of the MGMA conference, as well as the day before the event kicks off, so there are plenty of opportunities to register if you haven’t yet.  

Get googly-eyed at the list of vendors, attendees, and speakers?  Don’t fret – we have got you covered. Check out the information below for a list of can’t-miss items, from a business leadership graffiti artist speaker to the most innovative preventable blindness cloud technology on the market today.

1. What To Do at the MGMA Conference 2021

  • Cohort Meetup / Mingling in Solution Center (1:30-2:30pm, day before the conference)
  • Head to the solution center the day before the MGMA conference to meet and mingle with the best and brightest in the medical field.  If, like many of us, you have forgotten how to socialize like a normal person over the past year or so, make sure to check out these tips for successful networking at big conferences.

2. IRIS, Booth #907

  • IRIS, or Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems, is a cloud-based solution that enables the diabetic eye exam to be conducted outside of traditional eye care settings.  The company’s program includes a simple 5-step process, from patient identification to referrals, that has significantly improved the ability to close care gaps and improve quality measures at over 650+ clinic locations. The IRIS software integrates with any EMR, promoting a seamless workflow with the addition of a new diagnostic service.
  • Over 100,000 patients with sight-threatening disease have been identified through retinal imaging exams provided by IRIS , and the company’s goal is to entirely eliminate blindness caused by diabetes. This is one of the premier technologies featured at the MGMA conference this year, be sure to stop by booth #907 to see a demo of how the software works! Learn more about how you can impact your patients’ lives and add easy to use yet cutting edge software to your practice here

3. Rhinogram, Booth #401

  • Rhinogram is a communication platform built specifically for doctors and patients. The software allows patients to send pictures or texts directly to office phones, contact their healthcare office on their website, communicate with patients through social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, and more.  As patients can reach their doctors in so many different ways, it is easier for them to communicate the right course of treatment or for patients to express their needs to their healthcare provider.  
  • Improving communication with your patients is a simple and effective way to improve your medical practice. Here are some other ways to help foster client relationships.

4. My Mountain Mover, Booth #1028

  • My Mountain Mover connects medical practices with virtual medical assistants to increase productivity and keep patients happy.  Hiring virtual assistance for important tasks like medical coding, administration, and telehealth support can save your practice up to 70% versus hiring an in-house staff.  The company prides itself on an incredibly selective assistant vetting process, providing only the highest quality applicants for hire.

5. Scriptsender, Booth #422

    • Send and receive scripts instantly with Scriptsender’s software. In just a few clicks, referring providers can send their referrals, insurance cards, and other medical information through a fast and secure platform. It means a quicker turnaround time for your patients, more data security, and a stronger relationship with referring groups. Learn more about the future of digital health here.

    6. General Session 3: Erik Wahl, Main Stage

    • From being deeply entrenched in corporate America, to losing his job in the dot com bubble, to graffiti artist and inspirational speaker, Erik Wahl is living, breathing proof that one can change their path with enough passion, determination, and inspiration.  Specializing in speed graffiti art, Wahl has spoken and performed for clients such as AT&T, the London School of Business, Ernst & Young, and XPrize.  An absolute can’t-miss performance, make sure you find yourself at the Main Stage come the time and day of his talk.

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