New Leadership, Same Mission: Ending Preventable Blindness


By Steve Martin, CEO

As the new CEO of IRIS, I get to come to work every day surrounded by a team that truly cares about what they do and who do it very well. Even better, we’re focused on a mission that couldn’t be more meaningful: to end preventable blindness in people with sight-threatening disease. 

At IRIS, the difference our diabetic retinal exam (DRE) technology has made in patients’ lives can be expressed in one number: over 50,000 “IRIS saves.” These are the patients who likely would have gone blind (or had significant sight issues) had they not received this exam, been diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy and subsequently received treatment for this devastating disease that is the nation’s leading cause of blindness.

Looking forward, our goal is simple. We plan to save more sight by placing our IRIS FDA Class II cleared Medical Device in more health systems, more clinics, and diagnose more patients – saving their sight.

We plan to achieve this by doubling the size of our sales staff in 2019, enabling us to keep our pipeline of opportunities full. We also place a distinct focus on how we best support our clients through our Client Success team, a team that plays an integral role in ensuring our customers are able to get the most out of their investments in the IRIS platform. 

Others in the DRE market may prefer to focus on selling cameras—viewing their effort as done after the sale is made—but our work with clients goes much deeper. Our Client Success team invests a substantial amount of time in providing ongoing support to help our clients optimize workflows while minimizing disruption in often busy, chaotic primary care practices. The Client Success team’s mission is to ensure our clients design and implement “successful and sustainable” DRE programs that stand the test of time versus just placing cameras in clinics.

The future of IRIS is bright as we continue to expand our DRE footprint in healthcare systems across the U.S., increasing access to sight-saving exams. 

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