How The IRIS Solution Works Seamlessly With Your Workflow

IRIS works seamlessly

Currently, there are estimated to be over 9.6 million people living with diabetic retinopathy in the United States. As one of the leading causes of vision loss in adults, patients often don’t know that the development of diabetic retinopathy directly correlates to the length of time someone has had diabetes. That’s why to prevent further visual impairment, it is essential to detect signs of diabetic retinopathy early with a retinal exam.

However, healthcare providers use an assortment of systems to run and manage their healthcare operations, which can make implementing retinal exams a challenge. Luckily, IRIS has developed ways to seamlessly integrate retinal exams into healthcare providers’ existing systems and patient workflows to enhance the detection of diabetic retinopathy in diabetic patients.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the ways IRIS can integrate into your EMR, EHR, or custom platform, how the IRIS solution closes patient care gaps, and the ongoing support that IRIS provides for those who choose to fight against one of the leading causes of blindness in the U.S.

IRIS Integrates Seamlessly Into EHRs, EMRs, and Workflows

The IRIS solution integrates with the most popular EHRs and EMRs. This means that our solution can seamlessly be added to a provider’s existing workflows to improve efficiency for the practice as well as streamline patients’ treatment and results. 

After a 5-minute diabetic retinopathy screening, the IRIS Reading Center (IRC) has access to the original and enhanced teleretinal images. A licensed remote physician reviews the images for signs of diabetic retinopathy. The results are returned to the healthcare provider’s EHR, EMR, or custom platform within two business days.

1. IRIS Trains You to Use the System

With both on-site and virtual training, healthcare providers can opt for the IRIS staff to train their teams on the ins and outs of our retinal imaging system.

On-site training for the IRIS solution’s retinal imaging system lasts just one day. In the first half of the day, our experts teach your team about 

  • Diabetic retinopathy 
  • Using the camera
  • How the IRIS solution integrates with your workflow 

Plus, there’s a hands-on practice session where participants train with each other. 

In the second half of the day, trainees get to learn first-hand how to screen for diabetic retinopathy with real patients, with a trainer present to oversee and answer any questions.

Additionally, IRIS offers a virtual training option. In the first hour of the session, trainees learn about diabetic retinopathy, how our solution integrates with workflows, and how to properly use your camera. In the second hour, trainees practice with each other to learn how to accurately screen for diabetic retinopathy.

2. IRIS Works With Multiple Different Cameras

IRIS’s solution also integrates with different types of cameras to fit with any healthcare provider’s environment, capabilities, or patient population. From stationary tabletop cameras to handheld cameras, our retinal imaging system integrates with both to ensure that quality images are captured and enhanced. This enhancement makes it easier for remote physicians at the IRC to diagnose diabetic retinopathy accurately.

3. IRIS Helps Close Patient Care Gaps

The IRIS solution’s versatility and flexibility make it easier to close patient care gaps, especially in underserved patient populations. Because our retinal imaging system integrates with portable fundus cameras, healthcare providers can meet patients where they are, often in the home, eliminating barriers to treatment like travel or time.

When more patients get treated, it helps healthcare providers receive more funding, which they can reinvest into integrating retinal technology software that closes patient care gaps and eliminates preventable blindness further.

4. IRIS Is There to Help

In addition, IRIS provides ongoing support for healthcare providers to ensure that our retinal imaging system continues to run smoothly. 

If additional education is needed, clients can work with an IRIS Client Success Manager to plan additional in-person or virtual training sessions or use IRIS University’s eLearning features to continue their training.

Partnering With IRIS

If you’re looking for a true partner in fighting against preventable blindness in adults, IRIS is the answer. Our platform works with healthcare providers from across the country to increase the number of yearly diabetic retinopathy examinations for adults with diabetes. It also integrates with several stationary and portable fundus cameras to improve access to treatment—even in underserved areas.

To implement the IRIS solution into your healthcare workflow, contact us or schedule a demo. We’re here to get you set up quickly so you too can start eliminating preventable blindness, one teleretinal screening at a time.


Frequently Asked Questions

My Practice Has a Custom EHR/EMR That We’ve Built. Can IRIS Integrate Into This System?

Yes, IRIS works with both popular and custom EHRs and EMRs. The IRIS team can help you integrate our platform into your existing system and workflow.

How Do I Pick the Right Camera for My Practice?

IRIS will work with you to determine your needs for a fundus camera and help you pick the right one for your practice. 

Will I Be Trained on How to Use IRIS Within My Practice?

Yes. IRIS offers a full day of in-person training with you and your team or two hours of live remote training. The entire onboarding process as well is hands-on and provides ongoing support. You’ll learn how to take quality fundus photos, how to send them to the IRC for grading, and how to receive the results quickly.

If I Have an Error With IRIS in My EHR, Will I Get Support?

Yes. IRIS not only trains you but also provides quick-responding ongoing support. IRIS is nimble enough to quickly respond to your support requests, allowing you to get back to screenings as quickly as possible.



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