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IRIS Blog: See the Potential

IRIS Blog: See the Potential

Everything to Know About EHR Integrations

IRIS works hard to make sure Electronic Health Records (EHR) integrations are seamless and non-intrusive. Read on to learn how our Integration Team does it.

Image of Retina on Handheld Device

Dr. Karth: A Hero Behind the Scenes of the IRIS Solution

By Kacie Bittner

We recently celebrated the major achievement of 500,000 patient exams and over 72,000 IRIS Saves. At IRIS, the bulk of our success is often credited to the visible components of the business: software development, sales, and client success. But, behind every IRIS exam and every IRIS Save is one of over 120 ophthalmologists, retina specialists, or optometrists who interpret exams for the IRIS Reading Center. 

Dr. Karth

Image Quality vs. Gradeability: The IRIS Difference

Although they are both important, image quality and gradeability are not the same things. Learn more about the difference and why it matters to us at IRIS.


IRIS Software Platform: Then & Now

IRIS Lead Architect, Allan Alderman, discusses how the platform has changed and evolved since our inception in 2013.

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