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IRIS Blog: See the Potential

IRIS Blog: See the Potential

The IRIS Difference: Superior Technology

The IRIS solution for diabetic retinopathy screening includes a variety of features that increase program success. Read on to learn about IRIS image enhancement technology!

IRIS Enhanced Image

All About Diabetes


Diabetes Awareness Month gives organizations like IRIS an elevated opportunity to educate and spread important messages about the overall health of patients with diabetes. Read on to learn more!

Doctor and Patient

Introducing IRIS University!


IRIS has released a new eLearning platform built to provide a seamless training experience for its software users. Learn more about irisUniversity, here!

4 Benefits of Retinal Imaging

Teleretinal imaging has the potential to create widespread change in the world of eye health. Discover 4 benefits of retinal imaging that you might not expect.

Woman getting eye exam

Eye Care for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the United States, among working-age adults. Learn about eye care for diabetic patients, here.

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