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IRIS Blog: See the Potential

IRIS Blog: See the Potential

Giving the Gift of Sight

By Kacie Bittner

At IRIS, we want to reach every diabetic in the world, but big dreams are built on small steps. IRIS is a for-profit organization, however, our mission to end preventable blindness often affords us the opportunity to collaborate with partners and give back to the community. Client Experience Manager, Morgan Pinder, works closely with Community Health Northwest Florida (CHNWF) and as a result, she learned about a new opportunity that directly aligned with our mission.

Dr. Karth: A Hero Behind the Scenes of the IRIS Solution

By Kacie Bittner

We recently celebrated the major achievement of 500,000 patient exams and over 72,000 IRIS Saves. At IRIS, the bulk of our success is often credited to the visible components of the business: software development, sales, and client success. But, behind every IRIS exam and every IRIS Save is one of over 120 ophthalmologists, retina specialists, or optometrists who interpret exams for the IRIS Reading Center. 

Dr. Karth

Image Quality vs. Gradeability: The IRIS Difference

Quality and gradeability of an image are surprisingly, not the same thing - Reading Center Director, Charlotte Yarbrough, explains the key differences that set IRIS apart and why they are important.


IRIS Software Platform: Then & Now

IRIS Lead Architect, Allan Alderman, discusses how the platform has changed and evolved since our inception in 2013.

Coder Computer Station

A Vital Sign

IRIS founder, Dr. Sunil Gupta, knows that physician offices are busy - but offering a diabetic retinal exam during the intake process can be as quick and important as a vital sign.

Patient Medical History

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